What are You Giving Up for Lent?

things to give up for lent
Some people give up chocolate, others give up TV…yes, 'tis the season of Lent! It's a time of self denial and sacrifice; it's a time to reflect on what Jesus did for you.

Think of Lent as a “spring cleaning” for your life! You could give up a bad habit like smoking or do without a luxury like eating out or that daily cup of Starbuck's.

If you need a little inspiration, The Budget Diet girl has come up with 10 things to give up for Lent that will bring you back to the simple life and save you a little money too!

  • Go vegetarian for Lent! The Budget Diet girl is a vegetarian, and my meat-free recipes are frugalicious and family friendly…no funky ingredients like tofu or sprouts!
  • Give up fast food and try The Budget Diet's recipes to make your own fast food! Why don't you use the money you save to donate to a local food bank?
  • Take 6 weeks off from facebook – suggest this one to your teens!
  • Bye bye Starbucks! You really can make it yourself, and you'll love my quick and easy copycat recipe for Starbuck's Skinny Iced Latte.
  • Eat in, not out for lunch! Check out 5 Ways to Ditch the Drive Thru!
  • Declare an electronic free hour each day…no TV, computer, cell phone…just time with family!
  • Get serious about recycling! Take care of God's Earth!
  • Walk or ride your bike instead of driving at least once a week. Could you walk or ride bikes with your children to school – you'll get a little exercise & save a lot of gas!
  • How about an alcohol free Lent?
  • 6 weeks without TV? Spend free time playing games and reading together as a family!

What are you giving up for Lent? Please leave a comment to share!


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Megan L.
10 years ago

I’m giving up gum (out of necessity), soda (out of respect for my husband’s health challenges), and donuts (out of a need for a true sacrifice and serious sweet tooth). I also gave myself the Lenten challenge of de-cluttering and simplifying my stuff. 40 bags from 40 different areas in 40 days.

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