How to Make Christmas Crack on a Budget 🍫🎅

Make cheap christmas crack

Christmas is a time of joy, and what better way to spread cheer than with a delicious treat that’s easy on the wallet? We’re excited to share a video showcasing a beloved recipe: Christmas crack made with budget-friendly ingredients from the Dollar Tree. This classic treat is versatile and can be prepared in 12 different … Read more

How To Make Oreo Balls Cookie Recipe | No Bake

An easy, 4-ingredient, no-bake recipe. Make Oreo Balls ahead of time, and you'll have a sweet treat on hand!

This has been my go to No Bake Oreo Ball Recipe for many years. I use it for parties, special events, and during the holidays. Absolutely no baking is required. Hope you Enjoy! Hot Tip: Beyond Oreos and Desserts.. out our Complete Guide on how to cut spending by $400/month! (This guide is our most popular article and … Read more

Texas Trash Warm Bean Dip Recipe

Texas Trash Warm Bean Dip Recipe Texas Trash Warm Bean Dip is a must for your Super Bowl party or any time you need to serve a crowd! Open up a bag of tortilla chips and watch it disappear. If by some miracle you have leftovers, Texas Trash Warm Bean Dip makes a delicious burrito … Read more

Garden Fresh Five Cheese Ziti

Garden Fresh Five Cheese Ziti…. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Looks impressive, don’t you think? Confession time…I cheated and didn’t make it from scratch.   If you’re a regular reader of The Budget Diet, you know I’m constantly creating frugalicious and fast recipes, so you’ll have no excuses for eating out.  Garden Fresh Five Cheese Ziti … Read more

Southern Homemade Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

This baked macaroni and cheese recipe also works well with boxed macaroni and cheese, poured into a casserole dish and baked. We recommend either Annie’s Organic Shells & White Cheddar Mac and Cheese (you can get a pack of 12 boxes inexpensively) or the original Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (pack of 5 boxes). Hot Tip: Beyond macaroni and noodles.. out … Read more

Simple But Delicious Pie Crust

Nothing but pie crust, this one is easy to do and works like a charm for most any sweet or savory pie! Everyone needs a simple, go-to pie crust recipe and this one won’t disappoint.