How many unused gift cards do you have?

unused gift cards

According to The New York Times, nearly $5 billion in gift cards goes unused each year! That’s right, $5 BILLION! That’s a lot of wasted money! So, if gift cards are supposed to be the perfect gift, why aren’t we using them? In a Time Magazine survey, 27% of people had an unused gift card … Read more

Let’s Go On A Budget Diet!

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The Budget Diet is kicking off Resolution Week today! If your resolution is going to have anything to do with saving money, you’ll discover plenty of ideas to help you keep that resolution! One of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight, but I’d like to suggest a diet for your wallet instead! The … Read more

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

The gifts have all been opened, the Christmas parties are over, Our thoughts have turned from Sugar Plums to tightening our belts…ugh! If your New Year’s Resolution has anything to do with saving money, frugal living or getting organized…you’ll be happy to know that Resolution Week starts tomorrow on The Budget Diet! Each day, I’ll … Read more