How to Spend Less Than 10000 on a Wedding

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Have you been searching “how to spend less than 10000 on a wedding?” Yes, it can be done! Is the most important day of your life worth starting your marriage in debt? Check out how to throw a wedding for less than $10,000. Your wedding day is one of the days you will remember for … Read more

12 Wedding Favor Ideas for the Frugal Bride

Your family and friends are willing to travel across the country, spend hundreds of dollars on gifts, and take precious time off just to witness your wedding day. It’s nice to show your appreciation by offering a keepsake that they can cherish forever. You don’t have to break the bank on expensive wedding favors. It’s more important … Read more

Saving and Splurging for Your Wedding

easy ways to save money on a wedding

In the same way that people think college gets expensive, or having children gets expensive—the true gravity of how much a wedding costs does not hit you until you are planning one. The battle of “to spend or not to spend” is constantly raging and both sides make sense. In one respect, spending a lot … Read more

How to Save Money on Your Wedding

save money on a wedding

Weddings are notoriously one of the largest pay outs a couple will make, second to purchasing a new house. This said, there are savvy ways to navigate around the huge expense, so don’t put off your big day. With these top tips, enjoy it knowing that you’ve paid less than the rest. Everyone wants to … Read more

Three Simple Ways to Save on Wedding Favors

What? You’re cutting wedding favors from your wedding because you think your budget can’t handle it? You must have been reading some of the articles that include wedding favors in their list of non-essential wedding items. Ironically, wedding favors can be one of the least expensive items on your list. Let me show you three … Read more