21 Natural Home Remedies For Pets

Statistics reveled that Americans spent about $53 billion dollars on their pets – half of it goes to treatments, medicines and vet care. However, we can’t be sure we are giving the best to our pets. Sometimes, what we think is healthy for them can actually harm them. Pets’ medications have toxic ingredients that can affect … Read more

Homemade Dog Treats

recipe for homemade dog treats

These homemade dog treats will rival those from an expensive fru-fru dog bakery, and you can make them for a fraction of the cost! If you or your kids like making cut-out cookies…you’ll love making these, and Fido will love the finished product!   Thanks to Jen (a loyal Budget Diet reader) for sharing this … Read more

Garage Sales and Yard Sales – A Frugal Shoppers Dream!

yard sale shopping tips

Every Saturday morning my friend Ellen would shop garage sales, and return home to show off her treasures. I used to marvel at the treasures she would find until I wised up and joined her! What treasures can you find at a garage sale or yard sale? Here’s a list (in no particular order) of … Read more

Rules for Shopping at Goodwill, Consignment Shops and Thrift Stores

thrift store shopping tips

Rule #1 – Be open minded! Don’t go shopping for a specific item because you probably won’t find it! If you go in looking for a size 8, black cocktail dress, you’ll likely come out empty handed. Instead, go in looking for a cocktail dress and look at sizes 6, 8 and 10 because alterations … Read more

How to Use Groupon For Shopping and Gifts

Ever since the invention of co-ops and wholesale purchasing, consumers have been using the power of group buying to get great discounts on products they use everyday. Now that we’ve entered the internet age, finding ways for consumers to group together to create buying power has gotten even easier with sites like Groupon. Groupon is … Read more