Recipes for Lent

meat free meals
According to Rachael Ray, going veggie just one night a week can save you over $1000 a year, and Lent is the perfect time to add some meat free meals to your menu!

If you're giving up meat for Lent or just on Fridays, The Budget Diet girl is a vegetarian, so I have plenty of recipes for you.

Ready to get started? Tempt your taste buds with these frugalicious and fast meat free recipes for Lent, and don't worry, nothing weird like tofu and spouts!

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What are your favorite meat free meals? Please leave a comment with a link to your favorite vegetarian recipes.

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12 years ago

I am totally bookmarking this page! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try these in my (healthier!) kitchen!
(new follower!)

ThaiHoa Burroughs
12 years ago

Meat can definitely be expensive and I can see where that saves money. My husband and I would just make a salad out of whatever is left in the fridge.

christine (lulobird)
12 years ago

i was a vegetarian for almost 18 years. but when i was pregnant with my twins i started sneaking buffalo wings while in my car parked in grocery parking lots. i decided maybe it was time to start eating meat again. i don’t eat as much meat as i did at first and still use meatless “meats” often. they have come along way since when i first became a vegetarian and certainly have their favored spots in some of my cooking. this is a great list of recipes!

Lisa Fyfe
12 years ago

These are great. I have been cooking more vegetarian food lately. Will surely try some.

12 years ago

What a great post!! A wonderful resource for veggies! Not Your Ordinary Recipes
Not Your Ordinary Agent

Barbara Mascareno
12 years ago

Love all these recipe suggestions. I always end up making the same tuna casserole. But you have some great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

12 years ago

Thanks for the great recipes! I’m always looking for some meatless dishes I can make that my kids will still eat! As always you have the best ideas!

12 years ago

Yup! LOVE the Lazy Day Lasagna. There’s never a wrong time for Lasagna, especially if it’s wallet friendly!

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