28 Ways to Decorate Using Junkyard Finds

Junkyard finds often make awesome DIY home decors. Scavenged materials can help make your home’s interior look unique, unlike the cookie cutter styles that you often see in magazines these days. If you’re lucky, you can even find a bit of history in junkyards, as some people throw away broken antiques in favor of more modern furniture. The best part? Junkyard finds … Read more

Ideas for DIY Raised Garden Beds

Are you thinking of ways to upgrade your kitchen garden? Why not plant vegetables in raised garden beds? Gardeners use raised boxes so that they can easily soil control conditions, add more space, and keep weeds and pests away. There’s also less danger of little feet trampling your precious plants. Raised garden beds can be made from recycled materials. … Read more

DIY Stove Made from Wire Hangers

This cool DIY stove is made of recycled wire hangers and rocks, inspired by the ones used by Tibetan nomads. Called a “thab,” it effectively reduces cooking time, perfect for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. This design by Liz To has received awards from the Association of Canadian Industrial Designers and the British Columbia Industrial Design Association. … Read more

17 Home Upgrades For $1 Or Less

Does your home need an upgrade? When it comes to home improvement, you don’t have to spend thousands on renovations. Here are some quick, easy, and affordable changes you can make that will have a huge impact on your home. The best part? Each hack costs $1 or less. Shine cracked sofas with shoe polish Leather sofas … Read more

15 Smart Ways to Recycle Milk Jugs

Are empty milk jugs piling up in your kitchen? Milk jugs are the perfect DIY material as they are flexible, lightweight and sturdy. You can recycle these everyday containers in a lot of ways. Turn milk jugs into decorations, re-purpose them for gardening or storage, or make them the basis for a craft project for kids!  Folks from Homeandgardeningideas.com gathered 15 smarts ways … Read more

How to Build a Strawberry Tower Planter

Homegrown strawberries are simply more juicy than ones that came from the store. But it can be a challenge to grow them, especially if you have limited space. Apieceofrainbow.com came up with this genius and beautiful idea for growing strawberries vertically. With this tower planter, you will have an abundant supply of fresh strawberries all year long. It is also … Read more

40 Ways Shelves Can Transform Your Home

Shelves are fantastic space savers and are great for displaying your prized posessions. Since store-brought shelves are pretty expensive, Diyncrafts.com has ideas that would fit your budget. The shelves here range from easy to complicated and can be used for different rooms. Add these DIY shelves to your living room, bathroom, kitchen, garage, nursery and more! Click the link below for shelving inspiration that will help maximize … Read more