DIY Light Bulb Terrarium: An Enlightening DIY Project You Can Make in Less than 5 Minutes

Kids will surely enjoy making this mini terrarium.  A small globe of green flowers or plants that you can make under 5 minutes.

This DIY Light Bulb Terrarium is an amazing combination of organic and inorganic materials. You can creatively recycle a light bulb creating a green globe of flower pots or mini terrarium. For amateur botanists, this terrarium is super easy to make and low-maintenance.

What you need:

  1. Light bulbs
  2. Pebbles
  3. Water
  4. Plants

If you don't want to strain yourself cleaning up old light bulbs, then you may buy light bulb jars from your local craft store. But if you want to stick with recycled ones, then you might need some electrical help. Cleaning up light bulb is a bit dangerous and might get messy, so don't hesitate to ask help and cover up yourself.

Clean up the recycled jar or recycled light bulb. Put pebbles into the jar filling its bottom.

diy light bulb terrarium
Step 1: Add pebbles into the light bulb.

Fill half of the light bulb with water.

diy light bulb terrarium
Step 2: Fill half of the light bulb with water.

Add some small plants into the jar. It is your choice if you want to seal it or not.

diy light bulb terrarium
Step 3: Add small plants.

Create various light bulb terrariums using different pebbles and different small plants. And you're done! A bright home decor idea that kids can also help to create.

diy light bulb terrarium
Step 4: Seal it or leave it open.

Watch How it is Done

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