Transform an Old Tire into a Garden Planter

Here’s another amazing way to recycle old tires: turn them into these amazing planters. Smaller tires can be transformed into hanging baskets and will look gorgeous with flowers or air plants. You can also start a mini vegetable garden using bigger tires. Paint them in a variety of colors and no one will guess that these garden accessories were made from … Read more

20 Homemade Air Fresheners

Imagine coming home after a long day and being welcomed by a refreshing scent. This is why people spend a lot on artificial sprays, scented candles and oil diffusers. However, these products release harsh chemicals into the air which may harm your family, your pets and the environment. gathered these homemade air fresheners that are eco-friendly, easy to make, and smell so … Read more

How to Make DIY Mold and Mildew Spray

Warm weather usually encourages the growth of disgusting mold and mildew. These fungi grow indoors on moist surfaces such as bathroom tiles and under the kitchen sink. What’s more, they can trigger allergies and cause respiratory diseases. Unfortunately, getting rid of mold and mildew can be quite a challenge. Instead of buying commercial cleaning products such as borax and bleach, try … Read more

How to Build an Open Style Closet

Do you have limited floor space but need more storage? This gorgeous DIY open closet is perfect for you. It mainly uses wood and metal, durable materials that will give you your money’s worth. You can even adjust the shelving height of this industrial-style cabinet. Check out the tutorial from below. How to Build an Open Style Closet

How to Make a Magical Mason Jar Lamp

Mason jar oil lamps are lovely decorations for small parties and outdoor gatherings. You can add flower petals, leaves, fruits and shiny pebbles to make them more appealing. These DIY lamps are bright, easy to make, and inexpensive. Check out the tutorial from by clicking the link below. How to Make a Magical Mason Jar Lamp

15 Space-Saving Tips for Tiny Apartments

Given the high cost of housing, living in the city often means making do with a tiny apartment. However, having a small living space doesn’t mean settling for a cluttered and ugly home. offers these mind-blowing ideas that you can use to make your home comfy and inviting. These ideas create the illusion that you have more space and gives you additional storage. Check out … Read more

DIY Marbled Jar: Add Glamour to Your Home

There are many ways to decorate a mason jar and today’s DIY tutorial is a great addition to that long list. When colors start to stick to the jar, you will be amazed at the transformation. It is a colorful project that effortlessly adds glamour to your home. What you need: Spray paint (Black, silver, gold) A basin … Read more