DIY City Light Lampshade: Brighten up the Room with a Beautiful Skyline

Want to add city lights to your room? Create this fantastic city light lampshade to spruce up your living space.

Getting bored of your dull lampshade in your room? Are you planning to buy a new one? Try this DIY project and bring a creative twist to your old lampshade. Redecorate the lampshade and brighten the room with city lights.

What you need:

  1. Old lampshade
  2. Straight pin
  3. Tape
  4. Black cardboard  paper

Take the old lampshade and rip it apart leaving the main skeleton of the lampshade.

diy city light lampshade
Step 1: Rip apart the lampshade leaving its skeleton.

Grab the black paper and draw the skyline. Use the ruler to achieve straight and uneven lines of the buildings.

diy city light lampshade
Step 2: Draw the skyline on a black paper.

Take the pin and start punching small holes following the outline of the drawing.

diy city light lampshade
Step 3: Punch holes following the outline of the skyline.

Punch holes around the building patterns, then spread it out creating the stars in your skyline.

diy city light lampshade
Step 4: Do more small holes around the buildings creating the stars.

Flip the paper and place one skeleton at the bottom. Tape it to secure it in place. Roll it away from you then put tape to glue it in place. Continue going around the skeleton. Do the same on the top side.

diy city light lampshade
Step 5: Tape the skeleton on your new lampshade.

And you're done! Place it on your lamp and light it up. Enjoy the beautiful skyline before you go to sleep.

diy city light lampshade
Step 6: Light it up!

Watch How it is Done

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