45 Inventive & Fun Home Organizing DIY Projects & Ideas

DIY projects that you can create to help you get organize at home. They are fun to make and budget-friendly.

Being organized at home lets you put things in order and makes it easier to look for them when you need them. You can always go to the store and buy some organizers or storage kits to help you organize the clutter, but there are also DIY projects that you can do yourself  so you don't have to shell out your precious bucks.

Have you thought of using pegboard to organize sports equipment? How about a mason jar as storage for bathroom essentials? How about transforming pallet wood into a great sofa? There are a lot of ideas that you can do to tidy up any living space in your home.  Plus, they're also crafty, creative and unique!

So, we listed out top 45 home organizing DIY projects and ideas to help you be creatively and frugally organized.

1. Yarn-Holding Coffee Can Cubbies

Gather those unused coffee cans and cover each with contact paper. Glue them together with contact cement and finally, screw the entire thing on the wall. And there you have it–a beautiful and colorful storage for your balls of yarn. Click here for instructions.

2. Makeup Storage

Pile up those beauty boxes and create your own DIY makeup storage. Design and color it as you like. Click here for instructions.

3. Sliding Storage System

Get the unnecessary things out of the way with this amazing sliding storage system on your garage using tote containers. Click here for instructions.

4. Tension Rod to Hang Cleaning Tools under Kitchen Sink

Keep everything neat under your kitchen sink with a tension rod and some baskets. Staying organized won’t be difficult again. Click here for instructions.

5. Pegboard as Sports Equipment Storage

Are you an athlete or a sports lover? Keep your equipment organize and in place with hooks and a pegboard. Click here for instructions.

6. Command Hooks for Jewelry Solutions

jewelry organizer

A jewelry box is a beautiful way to store your things, but another great way to organize them and maximize the space in your room is by using command hooks. Click here for instructions.

7. Baskets and Rails for Bathroom Essentials

A wonderful idea to keep your bathroom essentials at the right place. They don’t just look stunning but also easy to set up. Click here for instructions.

8. Makeup Magnet Board

A magnet board that will keep your makeup kit on display while keeping them organize. It is one-of-a-kind DIY home project. Click here for instructions.

9. DIY Mailing Tube Wine Rack


Protect your precious wine bottles with a mailing tube. It is not only beautiful but also sturdy. Click here for instructions.

10. Washer/Dryer Pedestals

Made of wood, these pedestals bring your laundry system to a good height and make a great place for your laundry baskets. Click here for instructions.

11. Mason Jar Sewing Kit

All your sewing needs in one place. It comes with a pin cushion on top. Click here for instructions.

12. Pegboard Wall Unit


Have limited space? This pegboard wall unit will help you store and organize your things. Setting it up is easy. Click here for instructions.

13. Chalkboard Spice Jars

The perfect way to store your favorite spices. The lids are painted with chalkboard paint to easily put labels on the containers. Smart, beautiful and quick to make. Click here for instructions.

14. DIY Mail Basket


Organize your mail in one basket with this amazing DIY project. No more mail clutter at your front door. Click here for instructions.

15. Mason Jar Sugar Shaker

A fun and easy DIY home project anyone can make. You can also make salt and pepper shakers. Click here for instructions.

16. Rack to Hang Kitchen Utensils


A rack can help you save space and keep everything in order in your kitchen. Pots and pans will be easier to find with this idea.

17. Hat Organizer

A $1 DIY hat organizer that you can create in minutes. A tidy way to keep those baseball hats.  Click here for instructions.

18. Handbags Closet using Shower Curtain Hooks

Don’t let those precious handbags lay strewn around the room. Hang them up with shower curtain hooks. Click here for instructions.

19. Measuring Cup Cabinet Door Hanger

An easy DIY project to keep your measuring cups organized and easy to access. Click here for instructions.

20. Coat Hanger Dish Drainer

Turn old coat hangers into a useful dish drainer. It gives a rustic feel to your kitchen and holds your plates nicely. Click here for instructions.

21. Flip-Flops Hanger

Want to keep your flip-flops organized but have limited space? If yes, then here is the answer. Click here for the tutorial.

22. Necklace Holder

With a piece of driftwood and small knobs worth $1 each, you can create a beautiful way to organize your jewelry collection. Click here for the tutorial.

23. DIY Cork Board

Pile up those old corks neatly in the frame and it easily becomes a cork board for some reminders or photos. Click here for the tutorial.

24. Kitchen Baskets and Bins for Things


Baskets and bins will help you keep everything tidy. Finding things will not be difficult.

25. Magazine Rack to Store Saran Wrap, Aluminum Foil and more


Transform an old magazine rack into a useful container for kitchen essentials.

26. Pallet Sofa

With an old mattress, old pillowcases and piles of pallet wood, you can have a pallet sofa ideal to put in your backyard or terrace to enjoy the outdoors. It's easy to build and pretty awesome! Click here for the tutorial.

27. Window Shutter as Mail Organizer

Even in this paperless age, we still get mail every week. Keep them organized using an old window shutter. Hang it in your kitchen or by the door. Click here for the tutorial.

28. Shoe Rack Using PVC Pipes

Having a dozen (or more) pairs of shoes is a problem. Transform PVC pipes into an inexpensive shoe rack that will benefit you and your shoes. Click here for the tutorial.

29. DIY Twine Holderstwine1

There are various ways to store and display your twine. Click here to get inspired with some of these storage solutions.

30. Magnetic Utensil Holder

Keep everything in order in your kitchen with this amazing magnetic utensil holder. You don’t have to buy an expensive one as you can make one by yourself. Click here for the tutorial.

31. DIY Vertical Herb Garden using Shoe Organizer

A space-saver DIY project to add an organic vibe to your home. Get your herbs and veggies off the ground and hang them nicely using a shoe organizer. Click here for the tutorial.

32. Tissue Box-Style Plastic Bag Holder

If you have huge stacks of plastic bags, then keep them nice and tidy using an old tissue box. It looks like a tissue box, the only difference is it doesn’t contain tissue. Click here for the tutorial.

33. Turn Old Utensils Into Wall Hooks

Put those old or unused utensils into good use. Bend them into a hooked shape and attach them on the wall.  Voila! You now have wall hooks to hang pretty much everything. Click here for the tutorial.

34. Use Bottles to Store Bracelets


Organize those pretty bracelets of yours around bottles. It'll easy to find them next time.

35. Use Toilet Paper Rolls as Cord Organizer


Decorate toilet rolls with washi tape and use them to keep your cords untangled. Click here for the tutorial.

36. Ring Organizer


Instead of digging through a mess of jewelry, organize your rings with this DIY keeper. Click here for the tutorial.

37. Turn an Old Phone Book into a Pen Organizer

An awesome and cool project to put your old phonebooks into good use. Click here for the tutorial.

38. Invisible Book Shelf

A cool DIY that puts your favorite books into a good display. It looks like the books are floating. Click here for the tutorial.

39. DIY Drawer Dividers


Keep things organize in one drawer with dividers. Click here for instructions.

40. DIY Pressing Surface

A great pressing surface to iron clothes will make everything easy. You don’t need to buy one from your local store because you can make one on your own.  Click here for the tutorial.


41. Skinny Laundry Room Cart


An awesome DIY project to keep your laundry essentials in order and maximize cramp space. Click here for the tutorial.

42. DIY Chair and Storage

A two-in-one project that you'll love to have in your room. It might take a bit of effort and time to build but it's worth it. Click here for the tutorial.

43. DIY IKEA Hack Floating Shelf

I love floating shelves, do you? They keep your things tidy and decorates the wall very well. Click here for the tutorial.

44. Book Covers Letter Holder


Transform old book covers to hold and organize mail. Click here for the tutorial.

45. Mason Jar Organizer

Mason jars are not only adorable but are also useful décor. You can incorporate them to your home in numerous ways. One is using them as a bathroom organizer. Click here for the tutorial.





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