How to Make DIY Stained Glass Mosaic Jar

A beautiful centerpiece that you can create in 4 simple steps. A DIY stained glass mosaic jar is a great addition to any living space.


You can create a fascinating look of stained glass with different glass colors and a bit of perseverance. This DIY stained glass mosaic jar is absolutely a lovely vase, brush or candle holder. Reuse those jars and achieve that decorative look for your room.

What you need:

  1. Glass jar/bowl
  2. Vinegar
  3. Cotton
  4. Glass color (various colors)
  5. Ruler, pencil and paper

Put one side of the jar on the paper. Grab the pencil and trace the shape of the side. Take the ruler and create the desired mosaic pattern. You do any pattern you want. Once done, cut it out.

DIY Stained Glass Mosaic jar
Step 1: Create the pattern you like for the jar, then cut it out once done.

Pour some vinegar on the cotton and rub it on all sides of the jar.

DIY Stained Glass Mosaic jar
Step 2: Put vinegar on the cotton and rub it all over the jar.

Place the cut-out paper on one side of the jar with the pattern facing outward. Using black glass color, trace the pattern on the glass. Use ruler to make lines straight. Do this with the other sides.

DIY Stained Glass Mosaic jar
Step 3:Tape the pattern on the inside of the jar and use glass color to trace the pattern.

Color the pattern with various glass colors. When done, let it dry.

DIY Stained Glass Mosaic jar
Step 4:Color the pattern using various glass colors.

And you are done! You may place Christmas lights in the jar, and once you light up it will surely change the ambiance of any room.

DIY Stained Glass Mosaic jar
Step 5: Use it as a candle holder or vase.

Watch How it is Done

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