DIY Fairy Garden Book: A Magical Ornament in Less than 10 Minutes

Simple, quick and eco-friendly. A DIY fairy garden book for green thumbs like you.

A garden book is a unique and crafty way to place a miniature garden in your home. It is a great way to recycle those hardbound thick books that you don' need or read anymore. It will surely be an instant conversation piece. Read on to find out how to add this charming accessory to your home.

What you need:

  1. Hardbound thick book
  2. Sharp razor
  3. Gravel
  4. Charcoal
  5. Soil
  6. Plants and ornaments

Open the book to the page where it opens nicely. Grab the ruler and pencil. Measure 3/4 of an inch from the sides and mark it, then half an inch from the binding. Connect the dots creating a rectangle which serves as a guide in cutting the pages. Take the razor and start removing the pages. It may take some time but it'll be worth it. The ragged edges may look rough and messy afterwards but you won't see it after you have placed the garden.

DIY Vintage Fairy Garden Book
Step 1: Remove the pages of the book using a sharp razor.

Pull back a few pages and then line it with plastic. Push it down and add the charcoal to reduce the odor and gravel to sip the excess water.

DIY Vintage Fairy Garden Book
Step 2: Push the plastic in and add the charcoal, gravel and soil.

Add the soil. Get the plants and carefully place them in the garden covering the roots with soil.

DIY Vintage Fairy Garden Book
Step 3: Choose your plants and position them on the garden.

You may add moss, pebbles, and white sand on top of the soil. Dress up the garden by placing the ornaments according to your preferences.

DIY Vintage Fairy Garden Book
Step 4: Add white sand, ornaments and other decors.

Trim the excess plastic so that it won't be seen in between the pages. Bring back the pages you pulled back a while ago. Do it carefully to avoid damaging the garden.

DIY Vintage Fairy Garden Book
Step 5:Pull back a few pages of the book to cover the plastic.

And you're done! You may add more ornaments to beautify the project. Suitable for indoors or outdoors.

DIY Vintage Fairy Garden Book
Step 6: Position the garden book in a suitable place in your home.

Watch How it is Done

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8 years ago

So adorable! I love upcycling old books!

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