17 Home Upgrades For $1 Or Less

Make home upgrades easy and inexpensive with these hacks worth $1 or less. They will not only let you save money but also beautifies your home effortlessly.
Does your home need an upgrade? When it comes to home improvement, you don't have to spend thousands on renovations. Here are some quick, easy, and affordable changes you can make that will have a huge impact on your home. The best part? Each hack costs $1 or less.

  1. Shine cracked sofas with shoe polish

    Image source: leatherfranchisebusiness.wordpress.com

    Leather sofas begin to crack and show wear over time. But we definitely don't want to give up our comfortable (and admittedly crinkly) living room sofa. If you're just as attached to your old sofa, use shoe polish to hide the cracks.

  2. Spray paint old furniture

    Image source: blog.homedepot.com

    If your house is anything like mine, your kitchen table is probably covered with scratches, dings, and childish scrawls. Do you have leftover spray paint sitting in your garage? Use that paint to refinish your table and make it look as good as new. It's best to use paint on wood or metal surfaces. Here's a tutorial from The House of Smiths.

  3. Organize messy cables

    Image source: homedit.com

    Tangles of wires around the television or computer can be an eyesore. You don't need to buy expensive wire ties. Instead, use household items like tissue rolls, plastic bread tags, and binder clips. HomedIt has over a dozen ideas for organizing out of control cables.

  4. Fill in wall cracks with plaster

    Image source: youtube.com

    Does your wall need a makeover? It can be as simple as buying an all-purpose filler. Fill in the cracks, then use a small can of matching paint tester to cover the patch. Check out this simple how-to video from Bunnings.

  5. Put flowers in painted glass vases

    Image source: homedit.com

    Flowers from your garden are free and add a refreshing touch to your home. But where to put them? Design Improvised teaches you how to transform glass jars into attractive vases.

  6. Use scented tea lights

    Image source: notonthehighstreet.com

    Scented tea lights are an inexpensive way to spruce up your home. One pack will last for over 80 hours. The subdued lighting will definitely help you relax after a long day. My List of Lists offers more ideas for using tea lights.

  7. Make paper lanterns

    Image source: ohhappyday.com

    Paper lanterns are not just for parties. Hang them up in your family room for a festive look. Or, string them behind a headboard to give your bedroom more style. The dollar store in your area likely has packs of paper lanterns. If you want to make your own, check out this guide from A Piece of Rainbow.

  8. Store out of season clothes

    Image source: abeautifulmess.com

    It's a good habit to clean out closets regularly. I like to store out of season clothes out of sight until I need them. Since I don't see those clothes every day, I feel like I have a new wardrobe each season. Plus, that frees up more space in your closet.

  9. Toss laundry into mesh hampers

    Image source: amazon.com

    Pop-up mesh hampers are an inexpensive way to keep laundry off the floor. Put one in each bedroom as well as the bathroom. They are usually available at your local dollar store.

  10. Remove stains with sponge erasers

    Image source: home.howstuffworks.com

    Who doesn't love Magic Erasers? These truly magical devices help me quickly remove marks and stains on walls. No need for expensive chemical cleaners! You can also use a common kitchen item to get rid of crayon marks from your walls.

  11. Clean light fixtures

    Image source: ecodiamondcleaningservices.wordpress.com

    This one takes some effort, but it's worth it. If you want your home to look brighter, clean out all your light fixtures. Just take off the covers, wipe off the dust, and remove cobwebs. You'll also save energy, as clean bulbs give off more light.

  12. Get rid of pet hair with a rubber squeegee

    Image source: pinterest.com

    Cats and dogs shed hair all the time. You can choose to buy furniture that matches their fur color—or just buy a rubber squeegee. You can use it to easily pick up pet hair from surfaces. The Daily Treat has other ideas for removing pet hair from furniture.

  13. Pour out the white vinegar

    Image source: target.com

    Grandma knows best. White vinegar is simply amazing as a cleaning product. It can clean most surfaces without leaving streaks or residue. It's what many professional maid services use for cleaning, and it's a green alternative to harsh chemicals. All You lists other cleaning uses for this kitchen item.

  14. Install under the sink storage

    Image source: realsimple.com

    For a dollar, you can purchase containers or shelving specially designed for that space under the sink. They can be stacked to hold cleaning supplies, pots and pans or extra towels.

  15. Corral toys with mini-crates

    Image source: brit.co

    Do you need a home for your kid's toys? Bins and baskets are great storage options which you can buy from the dollar store. The Handmade Home teaches you how to create a neat storage system in the playroom using plastic crates.

  16. Make DIY magazine totes

    Image source: brit.co

    Are you running out of shelf space for your books and magazines? Put these reading items into colorful DIY belted totes. These containers are also perfect for bedtime storybooks and board games.

  17. Decorate with room stickers

    Image source: bluescholars.org

    Use removable stickers to instantly transform a room without the commitment. Choose fun designs for a kid's room. There are also elegant prints that you can use for your living room or bedroom. Stickers are usually available in dollar stores.

With a little inspiration and lots of elbow grease, you can give your home a frugal upgrade.  If you love these ideas, try some of them today and share this list with your friends. Tell us what you think in the comments. We'd love to hear from you.

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Carla Jo Peterson
7 years ago

Where is the info on the computer wire storage. It is listed on the info page but I can’t find it. There is a different one but it is not the one I am interested in. It is shown at the top left. Shows the extra cord wrapped around a “L” shaped fixture.

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