Try This Easy Sports Drink Recipe

After a lot of physical activity, you need to rehydrate with something more than water. This is because when your body sweats, you lose water and electrolytes. If you simply chug water, the elecytrolyte balance in your body can get off balance. This easy sports drink recipe is a great go-to for after an intense workout, or to offer the kids after a sweaty day at the beach. Drink up!

Citrus Sports Drink

Follow these directions to whip up this sports drink in a minute or two, with ingredients that you probably have in the kitchen already! If not, check your paper or online for coupons before purchasing.


  • 2 cups water (purified is best!)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 tablespoons lemon or lime juice
  • 1 tea spoon maple syrup, agave, or honey

To Make:

Mix together, and serve chilled! This mix provides the body with salt, vitamin C, glucose and plenty of water for hydration. The salt will help your body re-hydrate without giving you that nauseated feeling that often comes from chugging water.

Drink water as well as sports drinks as you exercise or spend time in the hot out doors, as well. Pack the ingredients to make this sports drink when you're on a sunny vacation, or on a family camping trip.  If you feel really thirsty, it means that your body is already dehydrated!

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