Resist the Urge to Upgrade

resist the urge to upgrade
There will always be something bigger, better, faster, sleeker…but please resist the urge to upgrade!

Thanks to technology and marketing, we have become a society that demands the latest and greatest version of everything.

We see an ad showing off all the new bells and whistles on the 2014 BMW 3-series, and we get the urge for a new car.

Your friend is showing off her new iPad, and suddenly you wish you had a new one.

Your husband goes to his brother's house to watch the big game, and comes home declaring, “we have to get a TV like Jim's.”

We lured by clever advertising, but in the name of frugality, we must resist.

If your TV is no longer working, or your car is on it's last legs…that's another story. I'm talking about buying the latest and greatest thing just because you want it. You know the drill…buy, sell or throw away, upgrade, repeat, repeat, repeat.

So, wise Budget Diet Girl, how do we resist?

  • Avoid stores and you'll avoid temptation. Don't step foot on a car dealer's lot or an electronics store, they rarely let you get away!
  • Remember this mantra: Use it up, wear it our, make it do or do without.
  • Ask yourself if it's a need or a want. An iPad is really a want, but once you get one, you'll wonder how you lived without it. So, when it breaks, you'll replace it because that iPad is now a need in your mind. Yes, this is the vicious cycle of technology.
  • Calculate, calculate, calculate. How much will the new item cost, and how much can you sell the old one for?


Keeping up with the Joneses is fine if you can afford it.

If the latest technology is your passion, make sure you budget accordingly and don't go into debt.

When it comes to money, we all have different priorities. I happily buy my clothes at Goodwill or a consignment shop, so I can splurge on vacations.

My oldest son is always the first in line when Apple introduces new products…this is his passion, and it's what he likes to spend his money on. He'll skimp on eating out and new clothes, so he can afford his techie lifestyle, and that's OK.

Please leave a comment to share your strategies for avoiding the temptation and resisting the urge to upgrade.


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