Back to College Shopping? 10 Things You’ll Wish You Had

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Dear Mom,

The water in my dorm room tastes terrible, my mattress is awful and don't get me started on the closet.


Your Homesick College Student


So, you thought you did a great job of shopping for college.  You followed the checklist they passed out at orientation, but it seems you forgot a few things that would have made the transistion to college a little easier.

Dorm life can be a huge adjustment.  If college shopping is on your agenda, this is a must-read before you make your shopping list!  It's a “Top 10” list that we've compiled after 4 years of dorm life.

Back to College Shopping List

  • Mattress Topper – Let's face it, you're not going to get a brand new top-of-the-line mattress in your dorm room or apartment, so add a mattreess topper to give it new life.
  • Brita® Water Pitcher –  When my oldest son moved into his 1920's Texas A&M dorm room, he discovered the water tasted terrible, and who knows what was in those old pipes!  A Brita® Water Pitcher solved that problem…you just add tap water, and the pitcher filters out impurities for healthy great tasting water.  Don't forget a pack of extra filters to last all school year long!  Now…which color to choose???

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  • Brita® Refillable Water Bottle – While we're on the subject of water, be green and don't waste space or money on bottled water.  A Brita® Water Bottle works just like the water pitcher, and it's easy to take with you around campus.  Throw in some Crystal Light or Mio if flavored water is your thing. Another plus, you won't have to haul a case of water up 4 flights of stairs regularly.
  • Bed Risers – If you don't have a loft-type bed, risers will give you about 6-inches of additional space under your bed which is perfect for storage.  P.S. – You'll find these in the storage section of Target.
  • Storage Bins – Now that you've created extra storage space under your bed, buy a couple of storage bins to keep your seasonal clothes in.  Trust me, your dorm room will not have a walk-in closet!  My son's first dorm room had 1, 3 foot wide closet shared by 2 people…yikes!
  • Slim Hangers  – Did you know that slim hangers allow you to get twice as many clothes in a closet?  This item is particularly important for girls.
  • Over the Door Shoe Rack – Another great space-saver!
  • Over the Door Hooks – Perfect for wet towels, sweaty clothes or raincoats.
  • Fan – You can't always regulate the temperature in your room, so use a fan to keep you cool.
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes –  You're not going to have room for all sorts of cleaning products, so opt for multi-purpose disinfecting wipes.

My middle son is making the transition from dorm life to apartment living, so our list now includes…pots & pans, dishes, kitchen “stuff”, Glad food storage containers and more.  I'm off to Target to tackle back to college apartment shopping!  FYI – Target has Brita coupons!  Enjoy this video of our growing shopping cart.

Want to get your own Brita® products for college?  I have a $25 gift card to give away!  Just leave a comment letting me know which Brita® item you want for your dorm…the Space Saver Pitcher (6 cups), the Grand Pticher (10 cups) or the Hard-Sided Water Bottle (23.7 oz.).    One winner will be chosen at random on August 25h.

The contest is over…congratulations Barbara!

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Chloe G.
3 years ago

I would love the water bottle! I’m already broke on money to get me anything else for my dorm!

7 years ago

I would love to get a Brita water bottle to have to take with me around campus, i have a pitcher for the room but a water bottle would be so much easier to grab and go and refill throughout my day

8 years ago

I really really want a Brita water bottle to carry around with me when I leave for college this fall!

Nataly Carbonell
8 years ago

I want the grand pitcher.

8 years ago

I’d love to have the water bottle 🙂

LayLa Benson
8 years ago

I’m moving my daughter to college in August and she will be living in an old dorm building. She is a very “green” kiddo and would love the water bottle! i love this idea as well as the others that were listed!

HannahRae Stevens
8 years ago

My roommates and I moved into our brand new apartment style dorm the other day – SO excited! After moving all of the heavy furniture by ourselves, we went to grab some tap water as a quick refresher. Much to our surprise, it was an opaque, milky color. Our friends and floormates in the building say it’s just the way of the water here, so we would LOVE the grand pitcher! 🙂

8 years ago

I would love to have the hard sided water bottle. It would be perfect to carry with me to classes this fall and would save money and wouldn’t waste so many plastic bottles!

9 years ago

The Grand Pitcher would be ideal for my roommate and me!

Chrystl Ardoin
9 years ago

The Brita products is an excellent idea! I have a son who is a college freshman and the Space Saver Pitcher and Hard-Sided Water Bottle would be perfect for his room! Thanks for the great ideas!

9 years ago

The space saver pitcher is what I would love to have!

Lori Post
9 years ago

I would love the Brita pitcher for my sons dorm room. The rooms at Western Michigan University are super old too and the water tastes terrible!

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