How to Use Groupon For Shopping and Gifts

Ever since the invention of co-ops and wholesale purchasing, consumers have been using the power of group buying to get great discounts on products they use everyday. Now that we’ve entered the internet age, finding ways for consumers to group together to create buying power has gotten even easier with sites like Groupon. Groupon is a site that offers daily deals on products and services in your area. If enough people agree to use the discount, everyone gets the deal. Sounds easy, right? Here’s how it works.

1) Sign up
It should come as no surprise that the first thing you need to do is sign up. Subscribe to Groupon's Daily Deals. You’ll need to provide your location and a few other details, like your email address. Filling out as much of your account as possible will ensure that you are getting deals that are personalized and tailored to your needs.

2) Get Daily Deals
Once you’ve signed up, you’ll start receiving daily emails about businesses in your area who are giving away deals to people who opt-in. These discounts are usually at least 50% off, and can be up to 90% off, the regular price. The catch is that a certain number of people have to opt-in to the deal in order to get the discount. Once the minimum number of people opt-in to the deal, the deal is good for 24 hours or until the item or service is sold out.

3) Get Your Voucher
After you’ve opted in to a deal and the group number has been met, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to redeem your product or service. Usually, it comes in the form of a printable voucher, but it can also be a phone number or other means of contacting the seller.

4) Gifting
One of the great things about Groupon is that you don’t have to buy items for yourself. Groupon has an easy “buy it for a friend” button you can use to buy the item then send the voucher, product, or service to someone else. This can be great for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, or just for fun, but you have to be on top of the deals in order to take advantage of them.

In this economy, we could all use discounts on great products and services. If you want to get those discounts, sign up for Groupon today and start saving money.


written by: Diane Johnson

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