How I Paid $42 for a Pair of $120 Shoes

how to save money shopping
You're probably thinking I found these shoes on the clearance rack, and I did, but there's so much more to this story.

If you're a loyal Budget Diet reader, you know there's more to saving money than just finding the clearance sale.

We all love to save money, we all love a good deal and The Budget Diet Girl likes to brag about her great deals. In this case, consider my bragging your frugal shopping lesson of the day.

How to Save Money Shopping – The Three C's

Step 1: Clearance – Limit your shopping to the clearance rack. If you let your eyes wander, you'll be tempted to paying full price, so proceed directly to clearance. In this case, The Budget Diet Girl went straight to the clearance rack at DSW, and I found my favorite brand of running shoe for 50% off. Just like that a $120 pair of shoes became $60.

Step 2: Coupon – Don't forget your coupon, and if you do, is your best friend for finding both in-store and online coupons. Simply enter the name of the store, and voila…they'll show you the available coupons, and the cashier can scan it directly from your phone. Lucky for me, I had a 20% off DSW coupon that came in the mail. Now my $60 shoes are only $48.

Step 3: Cardpool – This is an easy one, but it's the “C” that savvy shoppers often forget. You can, and you should Buy Discounted Gift Cards For Up To 30% Off at!. I found a DSW gift card for 12% off. The only catch is, discounted gift cards take about a week to arrive in the mail, so in the spirit of saving money, you'll have to wait to make your purchase. Thanks to Carpool, rather than paying $48 for my shoes…I paid $42.24. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Remember,three ways to save are always better than one.

Please leave a comment to share how you save money shopping.


In full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links to help support The Budget Diet girl! My advice will always be unbiased and free, but free won’t pay the bills! Thanks!

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