How I Didn’t Save Money This Month!

money saving expert
At the end of each month this money saving moms loves to brag about my money saving marvels, but this month I blew it! Call it a binge, call it a budget diet boo boo…I flat out didn't save money this month. Instead, I splurged on my favorite things, I didn't clip coupons and I didn't look for bargains – I just paid full price!

Don't worry, The Budget Diet girl hasn't lost her frugal living ways, I just took a vacation! I firmly believe a true vacation is a break from your everyday life, and my everyday life is frugal! My vacations are not frugal…I enjoy the spa, great restaurants and boutique shopping. Actually, I did save a little money this month when I wandered into the Two Chicks Boutique in Hendersonville, North Carolina…it turned out to be a wonderful consignment shop!

I spent many years in commission sales, and my boss used to say, “I love when you want to buy something big because that will keep you bringing in new advertising customers!” Well, the same principal can be applied to saving money! You need to have something that you really want because the desire for that item will help you stay focused on saving money in other areas of your life.

On a food diet, you have to splurge every now and then on a big piece of chocolate cake! You just have to quickly get back on your diet.

On The Budget Diet, even the most frugal have days when they splurge, and this money saving expert says, “don't feel guilty!”

So, when it comes to spending…what do you splurge on? What is your guilty pleasure? What is your money saving motivation?

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