Planning Ahead = Saving Money on Back to School Shopping

saving money on back to school shopping
This money saving mom knows that planning ahead is the best way for saving money on back to school shopping. Don't procrastinate, or you'll be the mom running around town the day before school starts, buying more than you need and saving nothing! Check out 5 ways to save on back to school shopping by planning ahead.

  1. Plan ahead by marking your calendar with your state's tax free weekend dates. You'll enjoy instant savings of about 8% depending upon you state's tax rate.
  2. Plan ahead by taking an inventory of your child's clothing and last year's school supplies. Make a list of what your child needs instead of shopping without a list and buying every item that your child thinks they need. There's no need to buy a new backpack every year if last year's backpack is in good shape!
  3. Plan ahead by checking the back to school sales ads before you shop. Your Sunday newspaper will be full of back to school sale inserts to help you discover the best deals for clothes, shoes and supplies.
  4. Plan ahead by scheduling a back to school shopping day(s) soon! If you wait until the last minute you'll be rushed and have little time or patience to search for bargains.
  5. Plan ahead by purchasing discounted gift cards for back to school shopping. Discounted gift cards are available for popular stores like Kohl's, Macy's, Office Depot, Children's Place, Old Navy and many more! Buy Discounted Gift Cards For Up To 30% Off at!

How are you planning ahead to save money on back to school shopping?


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