Money Saving Motivation!

money saving motivation

I named my blog The Budget Diet because saving money is so much like dieting!

Diets require effort.

Saving money requires effort.

Diets are successful when you change your eating habits.

Saving money becomes easier when you change you spending habits.

When we go on a diet, we give up some of our favorite foods in exchange for looking and feeling better!

When we need to save money, we give up things like eating out in exchange for getting out of debt!

The best part of a diet is when you discover a diet food that tastes just as good as the fattening version!

The best part of saving money is when you find a money saving tip that’s easy to incorporate in your lifestyle!

On a diet, you just have to treat yourself every now and then to a piece of chocolate cake!

Even the most frugal have their guilty pleasures!

So, when it comes to spending…what do you splurge on? What is your guilty pleasure? What’s important to you?

Would you cancel cable, so you could afford a yoga class? Would you be willing to pack a lunch everyday, so you could afford a nice dinner out with your husband on the weekend? Think about what’s important to you, and that becomes your money saving motivation.

The Budget Diet girl loves to save money on just about everything, so I can splurge on vacation! My vacations include great restaurants, spa days & shopping!

When it comes to saving money, you need to have a goal, and that goal is your money saving motivation.

Is your goal to pay off a credit card or is your goal to save enough money to buy an iPad? Whatever your goal, chase it!

The Budget Diet girl has come up with some ways to save money everyday while keeping your family motivated when it comes to frugal living!

  • Coupon clipping becomes more fun when you realize that you saved $200 this month at the grocery store! Maybe your monthly coupon savings should go into a fund for new furniture?
  • The kids might actually agree to buying clothes at Goodwill or Plato’s Closet if they know the money you save will go to a family vacation!
  • Every time you decide to eat in instead of eating out…put the money in a piggy bank, and at the end of the month, take a family vote about what to spend the money on.
  • When you inform your family that you are no longer going to buy name brands at the grocery in order to save about 30%…let them know that after just a couple of months, you’ll have enough money for a new TV!

So…set a goal and stay motivated when it comes to saving money!


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Sandra Brooks McCravy
9 years ago

I love saving money. This is great advice on setting a goal. Anytime I receive dollars after I make a purchase, I put the money in a safe place and call it my “Fun Money”.

Looking forward to seeing more on your blog!


Jesus Stuemke
12 years ago

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