How I Saved Money This Month

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The Budget Diet girl's report card for April:

I saved money by…

  • Warmer weather meant clothes shopping for my 13 year old daughter who is still growing like a weed! This money saving mom planned ahead and bought discounted gift cards – American Eagle ($49 gift card for only $43.18) and Aeropostale ($48 gift card for only $43.04). Buy discounted gift cards for up to 30% off at! The gift cards arrived in about a week, and we headed straight for the sales racks! She found 10 new tops and pants for $86…not bad! Learn all the tricks to save money at popular teen stores like Abercrombie, Hollister and American Eagle!
  • While I was shopping for discounted gift cards to my daughter's favorite stores, I picked up a couple of gift cards to places I frequent like Sally Beauty Supply ($25 gift card for $22.50) and AMC Theatres ($25 gift card for only $21). One month, it might be fun to challenge yourself to live on discounted gift cards since they exist for Walmart, Target, Lowes, restaurants and just about any type of store you can shop!
  • I volunteered to work at our High School Choir garage sale, and I want to brag about my treasures! For a grand total of $2.75, I came home with a like new straw purse, a long sleeve t-shirt, 2 pairs of earrings and a Brighton necklace! I'm working at another garage sale tomorrow, and I can't wait to see what treasuresl I find!

  • Month after month, I continue to use The Grocery Game to save hundreds per month on groceries. On average, I've cut our grocery bill by about $50 a week!

  • When it comes to hotels, I'm a huge fan of Hotwire. I'm not really a gambling kind of gal, but I do love taking a chance on a great hotel deal! This month, we spent a weekend in Austin, Texas, and I went to Hotwire for a great hotel deal. I entered the part of town where we wanted to stay (downtown), the dates and the rating of the hotel (4-star). The results? We paid $114 a night for a room that typically costs $199 a night! Since Hotwire let's you set the parameters, you really don't have anything to lose…only money to save!
  • Hotwire

I splurged on…

  • Our weekend trip to Austin! The great hotel deal was the only money saving part of this mini-vacation! I've said it before, I save money, so I can splurge on my vacations!

How did you save your money this month? Please click on the title of this article to share your money saving secrets!


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