How I Saved Money This Month

The Budget Diet girl’s report card for February… I saved money by… buying my new pair of running shoes from the DSW clearance rack and remembering to use my $10 off coupon! My $95 shoes were only $35!   finding the lifetime warranty for our kitchen faucet, so we could repair rather than replace! If … Read more

How To Live As If You’re Rich!

Who wouldn’t want to live a lavish lifestyle? We all want to live the good life. The problem is, most of us belong to the working class. With the global financial crisis we’re in, money is a scarce commodity. Don’t fret, you can still live with a touch of class. How can you do that … Read more

These are a few of my favorite frugal things!

The Budget Diet girl’s favorite frugal things…try them today, and you’ll save your money! Coupon Codes: When shopping online…always search for a coupon code to save money! Click here to learn how!   Discounted Gift Cards: Make a habit of stocking up on discounted gift cards for stores you normally shop like Target & Home … Read more