How To Live As If You’re Rich!

Who wouldn't want to live a lavish lifestyle?

We all want to live the good life. The problem is, most of us belong to the working class. With the global financial crisis we’re in, money is a scarce commodity. Don’t fret, you can still live with a touch of class. How can you do that without spending all your salary? Here are some frugal tips:

1. Imitate the “old money” rich. These people are known for their careful spending. Don’t go around wasting money on trivial things. Scrimp on a few things and invest your money in worthwhile items. Take a look at how the “old rich” spend their money. Some may even call them misers but come to think of it, they just know when and how to spend their money. If you keep on spending left and right, you will end up broke. It’s not what you have that matters but what you do with what you have.

2. Go for quality. When shopping, choose something of good quality and style. Items on bargain don’t necessarily amount to good deals especially if you will only use them once. If you want to show off in a luxury car, buy one from a pre-owned dealer outlet. It is a lot cheaper than buying a new one. You would really look classy in it but for a lesser price.

3. Throw away your credit cards. Okay, that’s too drastic. Charging your purchases can be very convenient but can also bury you in debts. Switch to using cash or debit cards. Remember, you are only acting like you’re rich, so always get a grip on yourself when spending.

4. Refine your taste within your budget. Since you’re showing the world that you can afford, throw away your cheap looking dishes and plastic flowers. Scour through antique shops and thrift stores for elegant but not so expensive linens and china. These fine things can add exquisite character to your home.

5. Travel in style but within your spending limit. Rich people make traveling to different countries a hobby. You can also go and visit other places. Just see to it that you book and buy you airline ticket months ahead of your travel period. Airfares are usually cheaper when booked and paid in advance. Search the internet for tour packages and other ideas for a cheap travel. You can definitely save a lot of money if you carefully plan your vacation.

Not everyone is blessed with good fortune. Fortunately, we all have brains. Use your uncanny ability to create the life you desire. Your ingenuity can take you to where the affluent drift.


Marina Chernyak is the co-owner of 1001Shops LLC, an online store of fine imported products.

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