Budget Friendly Summer Fun – Field Trips

The Budget Diet girl is going to help you be prepared for the “I'm bored” syndrome this summer!

This week…The Budget Diet will feature a budget boredom buster idea each day!

Today's topic…Field Trips!

  • Plan a field trip every week this summer! Here's how…

  • Start by taking your children to the library to find some books about your town. When we first moved to Houston, we discovered a book called “147 Fun Things To Do In Houston”…this was our go-to guide for summer fun!

  • Do a simple web search: free things to do in (my city). You'll be amazed what comes up!

  • Let each child make a list of what they would like to see & do! Set a budget limit!

  • Think beyond museums and amusement parks…think of a budget friendly field trip: a visit to the farmer's market, berry picking, check out different area playgrounds & rate them, take a tour of an area factory, see a free outdoor concert or play, take a hike or be a tourist in your own town.

  • Pack a picnic lunch wherever you go to keep your field trip budget friendly.

Please click on the title of this article, and let me know where your field trips take you this summer!

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