Freezer Dump Stew

food for power outages
Do you have a freezer full of food that could feed a small army for a week? A well-stocked freezer is a wonderful thing until there's a power outage, and then you're kicking yourself as you watch all that food go to waste. Good news…”Freezer Dump Stew” to the rescue!

My friend Sue created “Freezer Dump Stew” after Hurricane Ike when many of us were without power for 2 weeks. Rather than throwing everything in her freezer away, she got creative with her cooking. Remember, in a power outage you can always cook on a gas stove, a propane camping stove or even a gas grill.

Freezer Dump Stew

Remember this recipe the next time you need to clean out your freezer or the next time you have an extended power outage. There are no specific ingredient amounts...just taste test and add whatever you think it needs.
Author Sue


  • frozen meat any type
  • frozen veggies any type
  • canned tomatoes
  • seasonings


  1. Brown the meat or grill it.
  2. Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Add frozen veggies, canned tomatoes and seasoning.
  4. Simmer.*

Recipe Notes

*Yes, you can even simmer a pot on a gas grill!

Hurricane Season has officially begun, and if you've ever been through a hurricane or any extended power outage, you probably have some great ideas on how to use what you have. Please leave a comment to share your best tips for cooking during a power outage.

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