No Recipe Required Dinner Ideas

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no recipe cooking
No recipe required dinner ideas will help you save time and money…

    * Breakfast for Dinner (pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc.)
    * Taco Night (prepare the meat, put out the fixins & dinner is served!)
    * Burrito Night (make your own)
    * Hamburgers on the Grill
    * Pasta Bar (offer a few different sauces: red, alfredo, pesto, etc.)
    * Baked Potato Bar (great with leftover chili or BBQ!)

    All of these dinners are frugalicious and fast! Enjoy!

    If you have a no recipe required dinner idea that you'd like to share, please leave a comment! Thanks!


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11 years ago

Thank you so much for all the tips you offer to save time and money. I love this site!

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