Gas Savings!

Here’s another tip for almost instant savings from The Budget Diet girl! Don’t waste gas driving around looking for the cheapest gas in town! Take a moment before you fill up your car with gas and visit to find the best price in your area. Simply enter your zip code & find the savings!

Pedal Power!

use less gas

Many of us bought homes in the suburbs because of the safe, quiet neighborhoods. We had visions of our children walking to school, riding bikes to ball practice and playing outside. Well…here we are…sitting in an endless carpool line at school, feeling like taxi drivers as we shuttle our children to after school activities and … Read more

Phantom Electricity

Save Your Money – Stop Wasted Electricity Discover almost instant savings with a tip that’s both budget friendly & earth friendly! My daughter’s science project on “Phantom Electricity” showed us just how much electricity we waste. What is “Phantom Electricity”? Phantom Electricity is the electricity that is used when a device is plugged in but … Read more

Utility Bill Savings

utility bill savings

Save Your Money – Reduce Your Bills! Take time today to audit your utility bills, and you’ll discover almost instant savings! You’ll save your money with just a few phone calls. Here’s how: If you’re short on time, you can use a service like this which can save you lots of time. From what I … Read more

Red Laser Money Saving App!

Lyn from Sugar Land, Texas has discovered a great money saving app for her i-phone! The Red Laser app (costs $2) allows you to scan a bar code and compare prices on that item instantly! I watched her scan a 24-pack of Ozarka bottled water, and almost instantly she had a list of stores & … Read more

Lower Your Electric Bill!

Save Your Money – Lower Your Energy Bill! Photo courtesy of Free Web Photos If time is important, then using a service like this resource can save you lots of time. They’re free. If you live in one of these deregulated states, take five minutes and lower your electric bill today! Simply click on your state, … Read more

Free Workouts!

Save Your Money – Free Workout Routines You don’t need a home gym or a gym membership to stay in shape! Free workouts are always available on demand with fitness shows on TV (try a Zumba class on Bravo!), fitness videos on you tube or you can take a trip to your local library and … Read more

The Return of the Clothesline!

Save Your Money – Use a Clothesline Looking for an easy way to quickly reduce your electricity bill? It’s time for the return of the clothesline! This simple switch will save you nearly 6% on your monthly electric bill according to the Department of Energy…plus your house will be quieter & cooler! If your city … Read more