Pedal Power!

use less gas Many of us bought homes in the suburbs because of the safe, quiet neighborhoods. We had visions of our children walking to school, riding bikes to ball practice and playing outside.

Well…here we are…sitting in an endless carpool line at school, feeling like taxi drivers as we shuttle our children to after school activities and wasting a lot of gas in the process!

Instead of grabbing your keys, get in the habit on grabbing your bike! If you switch to pedal power for just a few of your weekly errands you’ll easily sneak in some exercise to your daily routine.

Challenge yourself to find a few opportunities for you and your children to walk or ride bikes instead of driving, and then start to make it a habit! Riding bikes is budget friendly, earth friendly and figure friendly…so, what do you have to lose? Maybe a few pounds????

    * Is the library just a mile away…ride your bike!

    * Ride bikes or walk with your children to school…you’ll use less gas & get some exercise! No more excuses for not exercising!

    * Bicycle errands are always fun…if you just need a few things at the grocery, strap on a backpack & ride your bike!

You get the idea!

I’ve made a conscious effort in the past year to ride my bike whenever possible, and I’ve cut down from 4 tanks of gas a month to just 2 tanks! WOW…that’s about $100 a month in savings not to mention all those calories burned! Ride your bike whenever possible this month…you just might like it!


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