Phantom Electricity

Save Your Money – Stop Wasted Electricity

Discover almost instant savings with a tip that's both budget friendly & earth friendly!

My daughter's science project on “Phantom Electricity” showed us just how much electricity we waste.

What is “Phantom Electricity”? Phantom Electricity is the electricity that is used when a device is plugged in but not in use.

For example…you leave your cell phone charger plugged in all the time, but you only charge your phone every few days…did you know that your charger is still using electricity when it is plugged in but not charging? This is “Phantom Electricity”, and little bits are being used throughout your home everyday hence the name “phantom.” Wasted electricity is not earth friendly, and wasted electricity is wasting your money!

My daughter used a device called the “Kill-A-Watt” to take exact measurements of “Phantom Electricity”. The results showed that we're not talking about huge savings…only $5 – $10 per month, but The Budget Diet motto is: Every little bit adds up!

So, how do you save electricity without running around your house unplugging every little thing, everyday? Here's some easy suggestions:

    * Use power strips for both your computer and television. When not in use…simply turn off the power strip.
    * Unplug lamps & appliances that you rarely use.
    * For goodness sake, don't leave your chargers plugged in when not in use!
    * It's all about starting a new habit, so give it a chance and soon unplugging will become second nature just like turning off the lights!

    As my 6th grade daughter said in her conclusion, it's not just about saving your money…it's about saving the Earth! GO GREEN & SAVE!

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