Snow Day? 6 Ideas for Frugal Family Fun at Home

ideas for family fun at home

Snow day…AGAIN?

It's another snow day, the kids have cabin fever and you've run out of ideas to keep them busy! If you're tired of hearing “I'm bored,” and you're ready to put a stop to the endless video games and tv watching…it's time for a little frugal family fun!

6 Ideas for Family Fun at Home

  1. Pizza Taste Test and a Movie – Buy an assortment of frozen pizzas and have a blind taste test for dinner while you enjoy a movie. Create a pizza rating sheet and let everyone cast their vote. Hopefully, your family will be in agreement on their favorite! Blind taste tests always add a little fun to the normal dinner routine, so think of the possibilities beyond pizza.
  2. Minute to Win It – Host your own Minute to Win It event. The silly challenges use everyday household items, and the possibilities are endless! Imagine your family trying the Roll It, Roll It, Roll It Challenge where one team member holds the roll of toilet paper, the other person must unroll the toilet paper without tearing it in less than a minute. Wouldn't your family have fun trying the Pyramid Power Challenge where you start with 8 dixie cups on the bottom and build a pyramid of 36 cups in less than a minute.Check out more Minute to Win It challenges that are easy enough to do at home.
  3. Family Videos – Pull out the old family videos for some FREE entertainment! My teenagers always get a kick out of watching themselves as crazy toddlers!
  4. Cooking School – Stop watching Food Network and start cooking! Your kids will love learning to cook and eating their creations. Add to the fun by letting them choose the recipes.
  5. Game Night – Put a twist on family game night by making it a regular event. The winner gets to choose next week’s game and dinner menu.
  6. Pinterest Fun – Remember all those great ideas you pinned? The craft projects that looked like so much fun? The yummy recipes? Today is a great day to test them out provided you have the supplies on hand. If not, stock up because I'm sure it will snow again.

What's your favorite snow day activity to keep everyone busy and not bored at home?


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