Summer Bucket List

Have one last summer hurrah this Labor Day Weekend by finishing up your summer bucket list!

What?  You don't have a summer bucket list?

Enjoy some frugal family fun with an idea or two from The Budget Diet's Summer Bucket List!

frugal family fun
Summer Bucket List #1 – Ice Cream Sundaes
Make homemade ice cream and start a summertime tradition of having sundaes on Saturday!

summer family fun
Summer Bucket List #2 – Berry Picking
Go berry picking and make some homemade jam!

summer bucket list
Summer Bucket List #3 – Play in the Sprinklers
Remember the days before water parks? Remember when cooling off meant playing in the sprinklers? Treat your kids to some old-fashioned summer fun and play in the sprinklers!

summer bucket list
Summer Bucket List #4 – Plant a Sunflower
Did you know that a Sunflower will grow about 5 inches in just 2 weeks? Let your children experience the fun of growing a sunflower this summer!

frozen pie
Summer Bucket List #5 – Make Frozen Lemonade Pie
Frozen Lemonade Pie just tastes like summer! It's no-bake, uses 4 ingredients and is so refreshing!

frugal family fun
Summer Bucket List #6 – Have a Water Balloon Toss
Cool off and have fun with water balloons!

frugal family summer fun
Summer Bucket List #7 – Visit a Farmer's Market
Enjoy free samples and make a “Farmer's Market Plate” for dinner!

free fun
Summer Bucket List #8 – Catch Fireflies
I wish there were fireflies in my part of the country! I have fond memories of catching fireflies at my grandmother's house every summer.

family fun on a budget
Summer Bucket List #9 – Watch the Sunset
When's the last time you watched the sunset? Find a beautiful place near your home and enjoy!

frugal family fun
Summer Bucket List #10 – Have a Backyard Campout
Don't forget the s'mores!

summer bucket list ideas
Summer Bucket List #11 – Enjoy a Lazy Summer Day
Maybe stay in your pajamas all day, read books, watch movies…just relax!

frugal family fun
Summer Bucket List #12 – Have a Stargazing Party
Check out a constellation guide at the library, spread a blanket on the lawn and see what you can find!

summer bucket list ideas for families
Summer Bucket List #13 – Have a Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest
Don't forget to have a silly prize for the winner!

Summer Bucket List #14 – Have a Picnic
Let everyone help plan the menu and do the cooking!

What's on your summer bucket list?


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