Rent Textbooks to Save More than Money

By renting your textbooks for next semester at you will not only be saving yourself some cash, but will be helping children born with facial deformities get the life saving surgeries they need. Campus Book Rentals has teamed up with a great organization, Operation Smile, to help less fortunate kids all over the world. For every book you rent Campus Book Rentals will give a portion of the proceeds to Operation Smile.

This charitable organization has been helping kids since 1982, and would like nothing more than to continue to do so. However, Operation Smile works on the donations of people like yourself and various sponsors. Without these generous donations these children will continue to be unable to smile, eat and socialize.

The great part in all of this, other than helping the children, is it takes little effort on your part. In fact, renting your textbooks is going to save you money. You can save up to 90% on some books, and still get to use the books as you wish. This means you can highlight and mark pages for class reference without any consequence. Once you are finished with the books, you simply pack them up and ship them back for free. That’s right; shipping is free both ways for renters. You will also enjoy flexible rental dates and a 30-day trial period.

There is really no question as to where to get your textbooks for next semester. Be sure to rent from to save some money and to help less fortunate kids.

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