Need Extra Cash? Try Task Rabbit

make money with task rabbitA neighbor needs her dog walked and a few errands run, the lady around the corner needs someone to put together the bicycle she bought her little boy, a man nearby is looking for someone to help him carry a sofa down 3 flights of stairs, and the business down the street needs a helping hand with data entry.

Your neighbor's to-do list might be a money making opportunity for you with Task Rabbit.

  • They'll do a background check on you.
  • Once you're approved, apply for tasks you can fulfill.
  • Get paid!
    The bad news? Task Rabbit is only available in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, San Antonio, San Francisco and Seattle.

    The good news? They're expanding quickly and expect to offer their services in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and London soon.

    How much money can you make? Currently the average rate for grocery shopping is $35 and house cleaning is $60. Of course, the list of tasks and prices is endless! I've seen people wanting someone to cook and freeze meals for them, tutor their child, bake desserts for their party or list items on Ebay.

    If you've got a little free time and need a little extra money, Task Rabbit is worth checking out!

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