Maximize Your Laptop Battery Life

extend laptop battery life

In this crazy old, mobile world of ours, many folks have laptops. One of the biggest frustrations with owning a laptop, or any high-use electronic device, is battery life. Many of us know that although you can find a replacement laptop battery, you will likely pay out large amounts. Sure, there are third-party options, but oftentimes these units are made by some enthusiast in a garage in China, and therefore do not meet safety standards; if you skimp on loot and get a cheapo battery, there’s a chance it will explode in your computer, at which point, a new battery will be the least of your problems.

You can comb the net for deals and they are out there, but wise men say, “Prevention is divine,” so here are some suggestions for laptop owners to maximize laptop battery life:

• Run your battery down to about halfway before charging. There is a certain school of thought that suggests you run your battery until it dies, but that is only partially true. You do want to run the battery down 100% once in about every 30 charges, but if you do it every time, it creates a battery strain and cuts the lifespan in half.

• Don’t keep your laptop plugged in ALL THE TIME. They call it wireless because you don’t need to have it plugged in all the time. The lithium ion battery can be over-stimulated if it’s plugged in all the time, and once those power cells get overpowered they lose their charge, which, of course, results in a low battery.

• Heat is the arch-nemesis of the laptop battery: They are like snake and mongoose. pirate and ninja. The hotter the environment your laptop is in, the quicker the battery drains. When this happens frequently the more likely the change to the permanent charge capacity will be.

Batteries are an all-important factor in the busy world, and saving money on backup or alternate batteries is a must. However, if you follow these rules, you can extend the life of your laptop battery and save money in the long run.


written by: Nan Gibbons


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