10 Money Saving Beauty Moves to Make Now

money saving beauty tips
Saving is hard enough without having to sacrifice what makes us look and feel beautiful. Try these tried and true, budget friendly beauty moves.

Money Saving Beauty Tips

It can be challenging to find that perfect mascara. Even more so when it comes with the added price of guilt attached at the checkout counter. The key to a fantastic mascara, however, is often no further than the brush itself. Try recycling the brush by cleaning it thoroughly. When it comes time to purchase a new tube, opt for a less expensive brand and use your recycled brush instead.

You dutifully apply your moisturizer, following up with your favorite concealer to finish out that flawless look. Try combining both products into one. This not only saves you money by allowing you to use less of both products, but saves you time as well!

Shampooing daily is not just hard on your wallet, it stresses your locks out just as much! When your tresses are looking a bit greasy, try using baby powder or cornstarch as a dry shampoo first.

Stock up on products that can have multiple uses. Vaseline, for example, is a wonderful lip gloss, a clean make-up remover, and a magical body moisturizer. Now your saving money, time, and space!

There is little worse than waking up with a puffy blemish that just can't be hidden. Avoid this all together with a simple aspirin dissolved in enough water to make a paste. Simply dab the paste anywhere you feel a blemish coming on.

Add some balance to your life, and skin, with a honey mask. Start with a clean face, apply honey, and leave on for about 15 minutes, then rinse. Honey has powerful antibacterial, as well as antioxidant properties to help acne prone skin. It also touts an oil free approach to moisture at the same time.

Craving that salon shine, but not that salon price? Apple cider vinegar used as a rinse can satisfy your lust for shine and body, as well as your penny pinching strides.

Cinnamon oil applied to your lips can be a frugal alternative to expensive collagen injections when trying to get that perfect pout.

Your outward appearance directly relates to your health. Try eating more fruits and veggies, and fill up on water to see beautiful hair, skin, nails, and even a slimmer waist line!

A compromise is not just healthy for our relationships, it can also lend a hand to your beauty well-being. If you have a product you just can't live with out, don't fret about it. Simply compromise with yourself by using some of these money saving beauty tips so you don't have to feel guilty about splurging where it matters to you.


written by: Cindi Lewis


Image courtesy of: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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