Shopping for Appliances? 5 Tips to Save Money

Buying new appliances can seem overwhelming and costly, but there are ways to ease the mental and wallet stress.

Tips to Save Money on Appliances

If It Ain’t Broke, You May Want to Think About Fixing It
One of the best recommendations is to not wait until your current appliance is broken. It is better to be able to do your shopping leisurely, performing research, looking for the best bargain, and learning what is available on the market and how much items usually cost. Nothing adds madness to mayhem like feeling desperate when making a big purchase.
tips to save money on appliances
The Right Day Could Pay Off
The best time of year to find an appliance priced at a bargain is around holidays. Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day are typical holidays when retailers offer appliances on sale. Check newspaper circulars, especially during the days leading up to the holiday. Many stores advertise on the holiday to drive traffic. Sunday circulars are always the best day since newspapers attract the widest audience with their Sunday edition.

Shop Around
Buying from a big box, discount retailer or shopping club guarantees a new appliance covered by a warranty. Prices will almost always be lower at a discount retailer like Best Buy or Costco, rather than at a specialty appliance shop like your local mom and pop shop. The specialty retailers should not be neglected, though. Many mom and pop shops can offer deep discounts on floor models. These are sometimes referred to “Scratch and Dent” models. They usually have some cosmetic defects such as scratches or dings, but they are in perfect working condition. Sometimes, the potential savings outweigh these minor detractors.

Haggle Ittips to save money on appliances
Big ticket items like appliances are open to haggling in most cases. If you feel the appliance is overpriced or if your budget is limited, there is never any harm in asking for a discount. If a salesperson is working on commission, he or she may be willing to forego some of that commission to make the sale. This is often an effective tactic at smaller shops. An added haggling technique for the seller is to offer to pay cash rather than finance the purchase. This puts money in their pocket immediately rather than risk stopped payments on your part. Cash versus a credit card also removes a finance charge for the transaction from the seller. Retailers that accept major credit cards are contractually forbidden to offer cash discounts.

Expand Your Horizons
Established retailers are not the only place to find discounted appliance deals. Ebay offers online retailing of new appliances for sellers who choose not to maintain a showroom or sales staff. The classified ads in the newspaper are full of offers for used appliances, as are online sites like craigslist. Wherever people offer goods for sale will be a good place to investigate the opportunities.


written by: Sally Mellinger

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