Living in Luxury on a Shoestring Budget

luxury on a shoestring budget
Living in luxury is a costly way of life, especially in this current financial climate, so how do we do it and retain a bank balance in the black?

The key is bargain hunting. You need to be a savvy ‘deal inspector'.

The internet is at our finger tips, so make use of it by joining websites such as Groupon and KGB where you can pick up a luxury spa weekend for two in a 5 star hotel for under $350, a four course meal in high end restaurant for less than $50, or a hot air balloon ride for under $150. These special offers usually only last for 24 hours, so they need to be checked on a daily basis.

Another great piece of web based technology at your fingertips is the ‘Red Laser' app for use on i-phones. This enables you to scan bar codes on products and search for the best price on that exact same product. This is particularly helpful when making large purchases like televisions and i-pads.

Keep an eye on the sales. There's no shame in inquiring at your favorite department store as to when their next big sale is. Can you put off buying those high cost items such as winter coats and leather boots for a couple of weeks?

Children's fashions don't change as quickly as adults. Hit your favorite stores when they have a clearance sale and get your kids clothes for next year’s season. You can then dress them as little super stars at a smidgen of the price.

Britain never used to be a place in which you could haggle, but as the cost of living has increased it seems to be a more accepted way of doing business. Wherever you live, asking for a discount is worth a try. The worst the manager can do is refuse.

Look out for buy one, get one free sales in your local supermarket and stock up! Pair these sales with coupons to save big!


written by: Muzammil Bashir


Image courtesy of: Sura Nualpradid /

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