Black Spray Paint + A Trip to the Thrift Store = Halloween Decor

It's time to go crazy with your can of black spray paint!

Spooky, creepy, homemade Halloween decorations are at your fingertips with these clever diy projects. All projects take just minutes to make and cost only a couple dollars!

Begin with a visit to your local thrift store or neighborhood garage sale, and be on the lookout for picture frames, candlesticks and grapevine wreaths. Now it's time to transform your thrift store treasure!

Halloween Art


  • picture frame ($2 from Goodwill!)
  • black spray paint
  • free Halloween printable from


  1. Spray paint the picture frame black or even easier, reuse a black frame you already have!
  2. Insert your favorite FREE Halloween printable.


Creepy Candlesticks

Have you seen those really, really expensive Halloween candlesticks? That's right, the black ones! Why not make your own for only a couple dollars or try embellishing a black candelabra you already have?


  • candlesticks
  • black spray paint


  1. Spray paint the candlesticks.
  2. Embellish with tulle, ribbon or spider webbing.


Halloween Wreath

Give an old grapevine wreath a new life! I you can't find a plain wreath, simply pull off the flowers or other decorations.


  • grapevine wreath (found it at Goodwill for $2!)
  • black spray paint
  • hot glue gun
  • assorted, cheap Halloween trinkets like black plastic spiders and Halloween ribbon


  1. Spray paint the grapevine wreath black and let dry.
  2. Using a hot glue gun, add Halloween ribbon and/or Halloween trinkets to your liking.


Halloween Arrangement

This decoration doesn't even involve a trip to the thrift store…just a trip to your backyard! Be on the lookout for a dead branch or a grouping of sticks.


  • dead branch or group of similar sized sticks
  • vase or container (optional)
  • black spray paint


  1. Take your vase or container with you on your branch finding mission, and look for one that suits the container.
  2. Spray paint the branch.
  3. Display it in the container or just lay on your party table or mantel.
  4. Drape with spider webbing or tulle and rubber spiders, etc.
  5. Optional: add Halloween ornaments or decorations to the branch.

With black spray paint, the possibilities are endless for homemade Halloween decor!

What will you spray paint today?

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DrJulieAnn aka The Modern Retro Woman
12 years ago

I love that you found your stuff at thrift shops instead of spending the money at Over Priced Hobbies R Us!

You’re always so creative. It inspires me. 🙂

the Damsel in Dis Dress
12 years ago

Love me some spray paint!

JDaniel's Mom
12 years ago

What a wonderful array of Halloween fun! I Stumbled this post.

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