Lighten Your Laundry Load – 5 Time Saving Tips

laundry time saving tips

Laundry Time Saving Tips

Do you feel like there's a never ending pile of laundry in your home?

Do your washer and dryer ever get a break, or how about you for that matter?

If you have children, everyday is likely laundry day in your home, so it's time to tame the laundry monster!

Yes, it really is possible to lighten your laundry load with these 5 laundry time saving tips.

  1. Simplify Sorting – Rather than laundry baskets in each child's room, have them sort their laundry in the laundry room. Have a basket for lights, whites and darks or whatever sorting system you prefer.
  2. Introduce Mesh Bags – Give each family member 2 large zippered mesh bags…1 for socks and 1 for underwear. Throw the entire bag in the washer and dryer, and then you won't be wasting time matching up socks or figuring out whose pile it belongs in. Even better, nobody can blame you for missing socks!
  3. Create a Reject Pile – Stop wasting your time zipping zippers, emptying pockets and turning clothes right side out…simply put those items in the reject pile. It's everyone's responsibility to check the reject pile.
  4. Delegate – If your children are old enough to be in school, they're old enough to put away their own clothes.
  5. Teach Teens – If you have teens, now is the time to teach them to do their own laundry. They might not wear 3 outfits in a day when laundry is one of their chores!

It's a new school year, so maybe it's time for a new laundry routine!

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12 years ago

I love the idea about everyone getting a mesh bag for undies and socks. Would make my life soo much easier! I am going to share this info with my blog readers!

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