I Want Straight Hair – on a budget!

My hairdresser describes my hair as:


enough hair for 3 people,

and a few wicked waves!

Those are the key words, a FEW wicked waves. Not enough waves to be pretty, just a few waves that look more like bumps on a camel's back!


Ever since I was a teenager, I've tried every product that promised straight hair. Some had promise, but then I stepped outside into the Houston, Texas humidity, and my 3 wicked waves were back!

Last summer, I ran into a friend of mine with super curly hair, and it was perfectly sleek and straight on a hot, humid day. I had to know her secret! Do tell!

Her secret is the Brazillian Keratin Treatment. I ran home, called my salon, and was shocked to discover that it costs $300 and only lasts about 3 months. Did I really want straight hair at any price? NO! This was strike one on my latest hair straightening mission!

Then the headlines began appearing about the dangers of the Brazillian Keratin Treatment with formaldehyde, and I was thankful I didn't splurge. Strike 2.

My hopes were raised again when another curly haired friend gone straight bragged about a cheaper formaldehyde free Keratin treatment, but it's still $100 and lasts only 4 – 6 weeks. That's right…weeks not months! Strike 3!

In the real world, it's 3 strikes and your out, but this is the blog world, and my quest will go on!

Then what to my wandering eyes did appear?
An ad in the mail for a diy Keratin Treatment my dear!
So I rushed right over to Sally Beauty supply,
with the ad and the coupon…I was ready to buy.
The clerk took one look at my hair,
and said it will take 8 hours if you dare!
(For results that only last 4 weeks!)
That's it, strike 4!

I left with one more glimmer of hope, the clerk suggested John Frieda 3-Day Straight. She promised perfectly straight hair for 3 days…as long as I don't wash it! Thankfully, I have dry hair, and I only need to wash it every 3 days…perfect!

how to get straight hair

Guess what…it really works, and it's only $10 a bottle! Yes, it's only 3 days, and I do have to blow dry and flat iron it on the first day, but then bring on the Houston humidity!

I suppose my quest for straight hair will never end. Maybe one day I'll find a Groupon for a Brazillian Keratin Treatment or a budget friendly version will come along. In the meantime, I'm thrilled with John Frieda 3-Day Straight!


In full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links to help support The Budget Diet girl! My advice will always be unbiased and free, but free won’t pay the bills! Thanks!

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