How to Make Keychain – An Impressive Everyday Accessory

Whether a souvenir or a favor, keychains have always been a favorite. You can create your own with these simple, easy steps,

Keychains are very popular souvenirs or lovely favors for your guests. Simple yet they bring out the beauty of key rings and they are awesome everyday accessories. So, today we are going to create keychains that will take only a little of your time.

You need:

  • Shrink dinks
  • Printable paper
  • Markers (different colors)
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors, tape
  • Keychain
  • Jump ring

First, you have to print the images you want for your keychains. Then, tape the shrink transparency on the printable paper. Get your marker and start to trace the image. So basically, you are transferring the image to the shrink dinks.

diy keychain
Step 1: Using a marker, trace the image on the shrink dinks.

After you finished tracing, get the scissors and start cutting out the images and remove the printable paper.

diy keychain
Step 2: After tracing, cut out the image.

Grab the hole puncher and create a hole at one corner of the image. This is where you will insert the keychain later.

diy keychain
Step 3: Punch a hole at one corner of the image.

Next, we will shrink the images using the oven. It would be better to read the instructions first on the package regarding the temperature and time for it to shrink perfectly. Once finished, use tongs to get it from the oven because it will be hot. If it does not lie entirely flat, you can put it back into the oven for a few minutes and place a book on it.

diy keychain
Step 4: Shrink the shrink dinks in the oven.

Lastly, insert the jump rings into the hole you created and attach the keychain.

diy keychain
Step 5:Insert the jump rings into the hole you created.

And you are finished! You have homemade keychains to give as gifts to your friends for any occasion.

diy keychain
Step 6:Secure the keychains into the ring.

Watch How it is Done
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