How to Make Firewood Rack Using No Tools

Air out and keep your woods dry with this firewood rack. Using no tools, this is the ideal project for DIY beginners.

A nice, cozy, crackling fire is what is needed for the coming colder months this season.  The secret to fire burning as majestically as it should in your fireplace is in the wood.  Your firewood needs to be stored properly for it to burn just right for those cold nights.  You can put wood in a shed, but wood needs some air to burn perfectly. This rack is the perfect project!

Built just off the ground so snow or rain cannot touch the wood, this rack can help preserve the freshness of your firewood. Using no tools, this is ideal for those DIY amateurs. Check out the link below and start making your own firewood rack with ease.

How to Make Firewood Rack Using No Tools

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