Inexpensive and Easy-to-Ship Mother’s Day Gifts

easy to ship gifts

Does your mother live far away? Even on a budget, it's easy to ship a great gift to mom this Mother's Day. No matter what shipping services are to be used, whether it be ground shipping or flat rate shipping, a thoughtful gift can be on its way today.

Easy to Ship Gift Ideas


Books or Electronic Book Readers

Depending on the person, a traditional book can be given as a gift. It's easy to find the perfect book if a favorite author or topic is already known, but a book can also be found based on hobbies. For someone that is into gadgets and interested in cutting down on bookshelf space, an e-book reader is a great idea. Many different brands of e-book readers are now inexpensive enough to be accessible to anyone, and e-books are sometimes offered free of charge or for a discount compared to the hard copy. Many libraries even lend out e-books. Regardless of the weight of a book, flat rate shipping rates will stay the same.


Framed photos of children and grandchildren are always a popular gift for Mother's Day. Flat rate boxes offer plenty of room for padding, allowing framed photographs to ship without breaking. Remember to mark the package “fragile” or print “handle with care” on the box. Moms don't care if the photo is professional or printed from home; it's the thought that counts.


Flat rate boxes are larger and unnecessary for small items, such as necklaces or rings. Sending a small package via ground shipping can be cheaper for jewelry, and shipping can be fast. For the last minute shopper, a piece of mother's day jewelry with a birthstone or the word “Mom” can be found at most general retailers during Mother's Day, and because of weight can be shipped inexpensively.

Gift cards or Certificates

If mom has a favorite restaurant, spa, or needs to have a night out at the movies, a gift card can help her stop making excuses about not being able to go out. Help mom spend money on herself with a gift card, which can be sent quickly and easily in an envelope with a Mother's Day card.


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