Homemade Halloween Punch – Icy Hand and Eye Ball Soup: An Bone-Chilling Refreshment

Two different scary Halloween juices you can prepare at home. You just need basic materials to create these tasty punches.

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away. I bet your costumes are ready to scare the hell out of your neighbors. But I have a fun DIY project for you that adds a spooky vibe to your punch. A icy hand and eye balls on your juice makes it more eerie and scary, which is the main goal. If you are ready, then let's begin.

What you need:

  1. Punch bowl
  2. Rubber gloves
  3. Bloody red cranberry juice
  4. Green grapes

First, you have to thoroughly wash the gloves to remove the non-stick residue inside the gloves. If it is thoroughly washed, fill  it up with water until it reaches the wrist. Tie the ends with an elastic band. Place it in the freezer and leave it overnight.

homemade halloween punch
Step 1:Fill the rubber gloves with water up until the wrist.

Pour cranberry juice into the punch bowl. You may add slices of lemon or any garnish to make it more delicious. Take the frozen hand from the freezer. Remove the plastic and add it to your juice.

homemade halloween punch
Step 2:Pop it into the freezer. Once frozen, add it to your bloody red punch.

A floating icy hand in your punch surely gives it that spine-chilling look.

homemade halloween punch
Step 3:Make more icy hands to keep your punch cold and tastier.

Next, we are going to make eye ball soup. Green grapes will serve as the eye balls. Take all the grapes from the stem and place it in a bowl or strainer. Rinse them over tap water.

homemade halloween punch
Step 4:Let's being with eye ball soup. Thoroughly wash the green grapes.

Pour cranberry juice into another punch bowl. Once all the grapes are clean and safe, pour them into the bowl. Stir.

homemade halloween punch
Step 5:Pour them into a new bowl of cranberry juice.

Halloween eye ball soup perfect to scare the kids.

homemade halloween punch
Step 6:Stir. Green grapes serve as scary eye balls in your punch.

Watch How it is Done

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