35 DIY Halloween Costumes that Will Make you The Hero

halloween costumes

Halloween is the perfect time for scary things – monsters, ghosts and villains. However, it is also the time to be your favorite superheroes and save the day. If you opt to have the coolest costume, it doesn't mean it has to be expensive. Check out these 35 do-it-yourself costumes that will absolutely make you “Hero of the Day”.

  1. Dumbledore


Be one of the most powerful sorcerer that ever lived (in the Harry Potter world, of course), Dumbledore. Kids may chose Harry Potter as their Halloween costume but being Dumbledore is simply awesome. Click here for instructions.

2.  Star Wars


Star Wars is a classic movie that boys won't stop talking about. We are all familiar with  Luke, Obi Wan, Leah and of course, the ultimate weapon of Jedi, the light saber. Click here how to create the costumes.

3. Wonder Woman

wonder woman

Every girl/lady/woman wants to be that “Wonder Woman” and you can let go of that “wonder-ness” with this simple and easy DIY costume. Click here for instructions.

4. Harry Potter

harry potter

Get that wand ready because you will surely cast spells this Halloween. Click here to know how to create Harry Potter's robe in just fifteen minutes.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Defeat those evil overlords, criminals and alien invaders with this super cute DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume. Awesome DIY costume that won't break your bank. Click here for instructions.

6. Star Trek


We have another “star” in our list and that is Star Trek. Experience the interstellar adventures of James Kirk and Spock with  just a few steps. Click here for instructions.

7. Mario and Luigi


Have your best bud wear this super awesome DIY superhero costume. Be silly, creative and inspired with this homemade Mario & Luigi costume. Click here for instructions.

8. Baymax


Wear the newest hero in town – Baymax! Be this adorable, functional and adorable hero ever created. Click here for instructions.

9. Incredibles


Make the entire family fantastic this Halloween with these DIY The Incredibles costumes. It will surely be a big hit! Click here for details.

10. Robin


Look and feel like the best side kick of Batman with this stunning DIY Robin costume. Your big boy will surely praise you for this. Click here for details.

11. Captain America and Thor

Captain America & Thor

Be everyone's superhero with this impressive Marvel's Captain America and Thor costumes. Save the world with a sturdy shield and a heavy hammer. Click here for details.

12. Power Rangers

power rangers

Amazing Power Rangers costume made from tape. Cute, unique and and they are homemade. Click here for details.

13. Iron Man

iron man

Be the “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” Tony Stark with this fascinating Iron Man Halloween costume. Click here for instructions.

14. Spiderman


Experience the power and speed of a genetically-modified spider with this Spiderman costume. Swing to nearby Halloween parties. Click here for instructions.

15. Aquaman and Green Lantern


As Aquaman, rule every sea and fight those who try to conquer your territory. As Green Lantern, have the power of the ring bestowed to you. Click here to create those awesome costumes.

16. Batman


Make this super cute Batman baby costume so your little one can enjoy and have fun in Halloween. Click here for details.

17. Hawkeye


Make this impressive vest and be like the prominent member of the Avengers team, Hawkeye. Click here for details.

18. Kid-Flash


Kid-Flash, the Flash's sidekick. It seems to be the perfect costume to impress the girls. Click here for details.

19. Super Woman

super woman

A Super Woman tutu costume for your big girl. Simple, quick and adorable.Click here for instructions.

20. Thing of Fantastic Four

the thing

Be the strongest member of Fantastic Four – Thing and impress your friends with your “awesome-ness”. Click here for details.

21. Black Widow

black widow

Make your spy moves with the coolest member of The Avengers, Black Widow. Click here for details.

22. Superman

super man

With jeans, glasses and shirt with amazing Superman print (minus the cape), look and feel like the “American cultural icon”. Click here for instructions.

23. Katniss Everdeen

katniss everdeen

Be The Girl on Fire, Katniss Everdeen and save the Panem from President Snow's violent leadership. Click here to know how.

24. Catwoman


Be the alter ego of Batman – Catwoman, sexy and seducing! Click here to know how.

25. Hellboy


He may be from Hell but he is ready to save the world anytime. Click here how to get this fearsome costume this Halloween.

26. Rorschach


Rorschach of the Watchmen is the perfect Halloween costume because it is easy, quick and a bit scary. Click here for details.

27. Bat Girl


If your little girl loves Batman, then this is the perfect DIY costume for her. She will definitely dig this! Click here for details.

28. Princess Merida

princess merida

Wear the bravest and latest Disney princess, Princess Merida and stand out from the crowd. Click here to know how.

29. Angry Birds

angry birds

They might not look like your favorite superhero but wearing them makes you the ultimate savior of the world from the green pigs. Click here for details.

30. Optimus Prime

optimus prime

Being Optimus Prime is the coolest costume you will ever be this Halloween! It may be a bit of heavy but it is worth it! Click here for details.

31. Cowboy


Everybody loves to be that cool and swag cowboy. They may not have super powers but they are considered heroes of the West. Click here on how to make a cowboy costume this Halloween.

32. Firefighter


They do not have super strength, the power to control fire or water but certainly they are the heroes we need. They fight fires to save you. Click here for details.

33. Lara Croft

lara croft

Be hip, stylish and beautiful Lara Croft for Halloween and you will never regret it. Click here for details.

34. Powerpuff Girls

powerpuff girls

Powerpuff Girls are adored by children and adults alike. It would be fun if you have girlfriends or sisters to wear it along with you. Click here to know how to make the adorable costumes.

35. Wolverine


Be the famous Logan and unleash the “wolverine” within you. Click here to know how.


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