Dollar Store Deals and Duds

dollar store deals and duds

Dollar Stores can be a great place to shop if you know what is truly a good deal and what is not. Often times we may find ourselves there, picking up a few items and saying, “It's only a dollar.” But once we take the product home, we realize, “It wasn't worth a cent.”
So to help you out I have compiled a list of 9 of my favorite deals at Dollar Tree. 

  1. Deodorants & other personal care items. Some items such as name brand deodorants, toothbrushes or body powder can be a great deal at the Dollar Stores. I recommend buying  brands you know and trust when it comes to those items.
  2. Gift Wrap. You can buy gift wrap or gift bags for a lot less than other stores. Buy wrap or bags for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays for the small price of $1.
  3. Greeting Cards, Invitations and Thank You Notes. Why pay $3 -$5 for a greeting card, especially for certain people you know don't really care too much about the card other than what's in it. You can get greeting cards for $1 each or sometimes even 2/$1. You can also buy simple yet fun invitations or thank you notes.
  4. Snack foods. My kids pack their lunches for school most days and I can find some great snacks for just a buck a box. Great deal.
  5. Bread & Hamburger/Hot Dog buns. Yes, I said bread. They often get loaves of bread or buns that are expiring in a few days from local bread suppliers. If you use a lot of it in your home or plan on freezing it, you can get great quality bread and buns for just a buck. I recently purchased several loaves of Natures Own Honey Wheat bread. I left out what my family would use right away and froze the other loaves.
  6. Kitchen Supplies such as ice cream scoops, pizza cutters, measuring spoons, cups and more. Check the quality and brand. Dollar Tree now carries Betty Crocker products which seem to hold up pretty well.  I wish this store was around when I was setting up my first apartment.
  7. Cleaning Supplies. If you are looking for cleaning supplies, the Dollar Tree for example, carries a wide variety of name brand cleaning products. Good sizes for less than the discount department or grocery stores.
  8. Small Storage Containers. Need a place to store shoes, kids toys, arts and craft items and such? You can get a variety of plastic storage containers for just a $1.
  9. Party Supplies. Looking to host a party? You can get napkins, paper plates, balloons and more for just a buck each! The balloons can run upwards of $5 at most party or grocery stores. But you can score mylar helium balloons at the Dollar Stores for just a buck.

I just told you about some great deals at the Dollar Stores, but be warned there are many Dollar Store Duds. So beware. Here are a few of my Do Not Buy recommendations

  1. Toys . Every single toy that I or my kids have purchased from the Dollar Tree have barely lasted for an entire day.
  2. Vitamins. According to Consumer Reports some of the vitamins do not have the amount of nutrient listed on the label.
  3. Pain Medicine. Often times products are expired, therefore not providing the relief you are hoping for. Stick with the Big Stores generic pain meds for the best value.
  4. Canned veggies and other such pantry items.  Check out Walmart or other grocery stores. Most of their canned goods are under a dollar. Why pay more?
  5. School supplies. While you can get a pack of pencils for just a buck at the dollar store, you can typically get a pack of pencils for just $.25 each  at places like Walmart or Staples during back to school time when they have great sales.


Written by: Amy Fields

Amy is a full-time work-outside-the-home wife and mother of two, who loves to find great deals and share them with anyone who will listen. She is also the author and publisher of A place to find freebies, specials and deals as well as great money saving & money making tips.


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