Festive and Frugal Gift Idea – Homemade Gift Baskets

gift basket themes for christmas Need a little inspiration for gifts this Holiday Season? Homemade Gift Baskets are a wonderfully personal way to give a gift from the heart. You can put together a basket at any price point. From as little as five dollars to as much as your heart desires. Check out some of my gift basket ideas and tweak them to your liking.

Money Saving Tip: First, if you are a couponista, be sure to “shop” your stockpile for many of the supplies you will need to put together these baskets. Second, check out the Dollar Store for supplies including cellophane wrap, ribbons, baskets and containers. Lastly, check out your local thrift or second hand shops.

Italian Basket
Box of dry pasta (put into a glass jar and wrap with ribbon for a prettier affect)
Jar of pasta sauce
Container of Parmesan cheese
A couple of cloth napkins (find at a discount store or dollar store)
A couple pasta bowls or dishes (pick up from a thrift shop or dollar store)
An inexpensive bottle of wine (if it is in your budget)

Housewarming Basket (great for young couples)
Small Laundry Basket (dollar store usually has these)
Small bottle of laundry detergent / fabric softner
Other cleaning supplies, including dishwashing liquid or dishwasher detergent
Kitchen towel and wash cloth
Pot holders
Kitchen utensils, such as spatulas, can openers, etc

Spa Basket (for men or women)
Body wash (check your stockpile for all of these items)
Loofah or scrubby

Movie Night Basket
A few boxes of Movie Theater Candy (Walmart or Dollar Store)
Popcorn (microwave, raw popping corn, or pre-popped corn)
Popcorn seasonings
A couple of DVD's – consider a theme like sports movies (found on sale at places like Walmart, Target, etc)
If you are feeling generous, a Subscription to Netflix ( from 1 month to a year)
Gift Card for local pizza joint

Family Game Night Basket
A couple of family friendly board games, like monopoly, connect four, scrabble, clue ( this goes without saying, buy them on sale!)
Deck of cards or card games such as Uno or Swap
Video Games for whatever game system the family has: Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, DS, etc.

Coffee Lover's Basket (tea or hot cocoa lovers, too)
A couple of mugs
Variety of different coffees, (teas or hot cocoa)
Variety of flavored creamers
Homemade or store bought scones, biscotti, tea cookies
Mints or hard candies
Lightweight fleece throw

Bread Gift Basket
A variety of homemade breads (banana, apple, zucchini, braided bread)
A variety of jellies or jams
Jar of honey

Inspirational Gift Basket
A religious/inspirational book that the recipient would appreciate
An uplifting CD
A mug and flavored coffee or tea
A piece of jewelry with a cross or other appropriate religious symbol

The following ideas are pretty self explanatory:

Fruit Gift Basket
Buy a variety of fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, grapes and more

Candy Lover's Basket
Buy a variety of candies or chocolates

What other gift basket ideas do you have to share?

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Written by: Amy Fields

Amy is a full-time work-outside-the-home wife and mother of two, who loves to find great deals and share them with anyone who will listen. She is also the author and publisher of ManyMoneySaversBlog.com. A place to find freebies, specials and deals as well as great money saving & money making tips.

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