DIY Halloween Snow Globe: Creepy, Crafty and Fun

Christmas is not the only time you can create snow globes, Halloween is also the perfect season. It is spine-chilling but great home decor.

Halloween is coming! To celebrate, we are going to create a lovely snow globe that you can give to someone or an additional scary ornament in your home. Moreover, it is a fun toy for kids. Another great thing is that you can finally use those figurines that you keep around your home. Read on to know how to create one.

What you need:

  1.  Glass jars
  2. Halloween figurines
  3. Distilled water
  4. Glitter or any sparkly materials
  5. Glycerin or baby oil
  6. Super strong glue like E6000 or Epoxy

The first step is to decide what figurine you want to put in your jar. In this tutorial, the figurine is three small skulls glued on top of each other using E6000.

diy halloween snow globe
Step 1:Decide which figurine you want to put in your jar.

Get the lid and remove the inner lid. This is where you place the skull. Use E6000 to secure it on the lid. Grab the jar and see if the figurine fits well within it. If it does, then we continue to the next step.

diy halloween snow globe
Step 2:Stick the figurine on the lid using E6000.

Fill the jar with distilled water almost all the way up. Submerge the figurine to remove the excess water.

diy halloween snow globe
Step 3:Fill the jar with distilled water.

Add about a tablespoon of glycerin as well as the glitter or other sparkly materials in the jar. Give it a quick stir.

diy halloween snow globe
Step 4:Add glycerin and glitter to the jar and stir.

For the last time, submerge the figurine into the water and seal with the other part of the lid. Make sure it is tight and secure.

diy halloween snow globe
Step 5:Submerge the figurine into the jar and secure it with a lid.

Give it a flip and shake and you are done! Who says you can only have snow globes on Christmas? Snow globe is perfect for any occasion.

diy halloween snow globe
Step 6:Flip it over and give it a shake.

Watch How it is Done

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